Il Fatto Quotidiano Blog – M. Crescenzi: Save the children versus kill the children, where do you stand?

“We didn’t need kids going to the hospital, they can die”.  This is how, one of the people under investigation – for the inquest concerning the illicit traffic of waste carried out by the Anti-mafia Investigation District Office of Florence – talks about the risks of storing waste illegally in a landfill situated close to a school.

I don’t care if kids get sick – goes on the intercepted man- I would even leave the waste in the middle of the road”. Horrible, right?

However, there are many ways of hurting children, that maybe, indirectly, we support ourselves: don’t deny that it is allowed to let children drown in the sea or to let them die on a boat coming from Libya, even before their arrival- so that we don’t get politically inconvenient corpses on our beaches.

Not recognising as Italians those who were born, educated and growth in our country.

Abandoning them- the many Italian, Spanish and European children- under the poverty lane. Intoxicating them with toxic waste, but also with the abuses in the sacristy. We are full of ogre dressed up as monks, in politics as well as in finance and amongst common people. But ogre, are not only and always “the others”. The biggest ogre, who eats us all, is the indifference towards the other human being, the lack of pietas, the superficiality of judgement, not finding social and political innovative solutions to the problems of our time and that we cannot elude by hiding in a past that no longer exists.

Good and Evil exist. Maybe not the perfect Good nor the absolute Evil, but there are those who fight for the good, with their flaws and small contradictions, and those who pursue evil with their exclusive interests without contradictions. Those who works in the NGOs, not just with children, and are committed for the good, they pursue a life mission. It would be enough for each of us, to take a clear position: there is no in-between.

Save the children versus Kill the children: where do you stand?


Marco Crescenzi, Social Change School President. 

Read the original article: “‘I bambini? Che muoiano’, una frase orribile. Ma a permettere che succeda siamo tutti noi” on Il Fatto Quotidiano Blog.  

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