Standing ovation for Sandro Calvani’s final speech of the Masters Programme

Thanks to his long-standing experience, that led him to work in 135 different countries both as Coordinator of international AID of the Italian Caritas and also former Director of UNICRI and for other organisations of the United Nations, Sandro Calvani is surely one of the most expert professional to introduce and guide our students into this new challenging and fascinating path.

Sandro Calvani is a long-term collaborator of the Social Change School as the Scientific Committee President and Senior Adviser. He is the person who invented the name of the Master HOPE – Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies. He is moreover Senior Adivser at the Mae Fah Luang Foundation (under royal patronage).

Based in Bangkok he was in Rome also for sharing with our graduate students some of his dreams and life experiences and wishing them the best for their careers and future paths.

“One fundamental thing that can be applied to the whole world is that: we live only once. We only have one chance, the real happiness is about living in a way that you represent a change and you are able to change the world around you”

Read also the Interview to Sandro Calvani for the Social Change School: Social Change Leaders: Sandro Calvani (Mae Fah Luang Foundation)


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