The cycle of workshops on HUMANITARIAN FINANCE AND LOGISTICS. COMMUNICATION IN EMERGENCIES for HOPE – Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies, Managing Projects, People Administration & Logistic in the Field, was held in Rome between the 13th and the 15th of April, led by Leonardo Palma (Logistics Coordinator at INTERSOS), Lodovico Mariani (Director of Master HOPE and Finance and Administration Director at Amref Health Italia), Filippo Ungaro (Director of Master FRAME & Director of Communications, Campaigning and Volunteers at Save the Children Italy).

The morning of the first day, Leonardo Palma talked about “The role of logistics in a humanitarian intervention” based on the Theory of Logistics. Fellows were able to understand the general guidelines to follow on the field, learning the importance of a good logistics coordination. Fellows appreciated the Palma’s “energy and the way he makes us understand the importance to communicate with local people and staff, always keeping everyone updated”. During the second part of the day with Lodovico Mariani, fellows learnt how to manage financial resources in an accountable, efficient and cost-effective way. In order to help students understand how to apply a GANTT chart and a budget structure, the lecturer divided them in groups and helped them create a correct GANTT chart on study cases chosen by students.

Workshop on HUMANITARIAN FINANCE AND LOGISTICS. COMMUNICATION IN EMERGENCIES for Master HOPE fellowsOn the second day, fellows were once again with Lodovico Mariani and, always divided in groups, created a budget proposal for their projects, gave feedbacks to the other groups and learned how to create a realistic and correct budget.
The rest of the day was dedicated to understanding and applying solid financial management practices in humanitarian programs, learning all the administrative and financial procedures in the grant management cycle and in general about “Financial structure and Financial planning”. Students were happy to notice Mariani’s “professionalism and clarity” and the opportunity to put everything they were learning into practice.

On Sunday, the class held by Filippo Ungaro was dedicated to “Communication in emergencies”, showing the principles and tools of communication in the field under emergency circumstances. According to our fellows, “the professionalism and teaching approach of Ungaro were very effective and precise”.

Through these workshops, fellows reached a deep understanding on how to manage humanitarian finance and logistics, as well as on how to effectively communicate in emergencies.

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