From the 12th to the 15th of April, Master FRAME in Fundraising Management in the NGOs Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, Social Media, Campaigns students were in Rome for the Workshop on FUNDRAISING STRATEGIES & PLANNING, held at Polo Didattico. Students were guided by Giampiero Giacomel (Master FRAME Senior Adviser, Head of Individual Giving at the Scottish Opera and former student of the Social Change School) and Francesco Stefanini (Executive Director and International Fundraising Consultant at Mary’s Meals International and former student of the Social Change School).

The first day was dedicated to an “INTRODUCTION TO FUNDRAISING MANAGEMENT”, a lecture held by Giampiero Giacomel. It was an opportunity for fellows to get to know how Fundraising Management works, the fundraiser’s role and the development of the main Fundraising activities.

On the second day, the workshop BUDGET, STRATEGIC PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT OF FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES was held again by Giacomel, who promised fellows he would “make sure that by the end of the workshop you will be able to create an actual fundraising strategy for any organization”. This lecture allowed students to focus on the Fundraising cycle (needs, audience, forms, evaluation), as well as on strategic planning for Fundraising, setting fundraising goals and a budget.

FUNDRAISING STRATEGIES AND PLANNING: in Rome with the fellows of Master FRAMEDuring the third day, Francesco Stefanini introduced the workshop “MANAGING DONORS RELATIONSHIPS”. Fellows were able to understand the reasons for the different types of “individual and corporate giving”, the identification and segmentation of donors and how to manage donors’ relationships. During the workshop, the lecturer interestingly pointed out how “In order to understand fundraising, you have to understand the society around you” and that “fundraising is the ability to put together measurable numbers and the intuition to know how to achieve those numbers”.

The morning of the fourth day, Francesco Stefanini presented the “MANAGING DONORS DATABASE” workshop with an introduction to Customer Relationship Management and its implementation, structure and functionality. In the afternoon, students focused their attention on INTERNATIONAL FUNDRAISING to identify the basis of fundraising in different countries and to create an International Fundraising strategy.

The objective achieved in this series of workshops was to give fellows a global competence in Fundraising strategies, as well as a deep knowledge on how to Manage Donor Relationships and Database, from a national and an international point of view.

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