The Social Change School and Save the Children together to promote knowledge in the Third Sector

For the third year in a row the Social Change School and Save the Children get together to promote knowledge and training in the Third Sector. They both belive in the need to empower the new generation of change makers by delivering the right skills and practical competences to those who want to bring about major changes in society worldwide.

“The third sector needs professionals with both hard and soft skills”, says Federico Atzori -Coordinator of the Master in Fundraising Management.

The main drive in those who choose to become professionals in the Non Profit sector is the commitment to social change.

Federica Testorio, Volunteer manager in Save the Children, sets an example.

With a degree in Statistics she has always been determined to pursue a career in an NGO despite her scarce field experiences during university years.

“I used my competences in economics and today I have the priviledge to work in Save the Children in the Marketing and Communication Department”

The Social Change School and Save the Children have joined missions and forces to promote a scholarship reserved to Save the Children’s volunteers.

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