#FromtheField: Titti and her project to help women and children in Uganda

A dream…an adventure…a wonderful reality!

There were nights, when I would suddenly wake up without understanding the reason. I had a wonderful job at the peak of a career, an excellent earning and dear colleagues, what was I missing?

I didn’t have a dream!! This is what I was missing…and the awareness of working in a completely profit sector and without an objective left me totally unsatisfied.

In 2006 I had my first volunteering experience in Uganda, and that brightened up my life.

I understood what my dream was: working in Africa and devote all my energies to a socially useful project. But from where to start?

The opportunity of attending a Fundraising, Communication and Campaigning Master aroused: the idea of going back to study again at the age of 47, with a very challenging job behind, scared me, but I decided to follow my heart and begin an adventure.

Courage, passion, determination, competences: these became the 4 guidelines of my new life. The first three helped me to follow my dream; the forth one helped me to reach the goal.

I decided then to leave my job and thanks to the Social Change School Master, I had reached a level of knowledges in the non-profit sector that allowed me to found AFRON Oncology for Africa.
And so in 2010 finally the dream came true!

Today AFRON is about to turn 6 and has big numbers behind:

Free gynaecological screening and breast imaging for 13.000 women

259.000 people became aware on the importance of prevention and early detection in the fight against cancer

25 medical missions of oncology training for local medical and nursing staff

The presence of AFRON in Uganda is a great opportunity for many women and children: being able to enjoy the right to health and having access to oncological prevention and care.

AFRON Oncologia per l’Africa Onlus



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