AIESEC and ASVI Social Change together for job opportunities in the NGOs

ASVI Social Change took part, for the third consecutive year, to the AIESEC annual national conference, with about 200 young university students attending, on Friday 11th of March in Bergamo.

AIESEC- the biggest student association in the world and ASVI Social Change- European Leader in non-profit education and the only professional training organisation invited- have been collaborating for many years and have worked through the years to strengthen their partnership.

In front of an audience of about 200 young students, from the major national and international Universities, Marco Crescenzi, President of ASVI Social Change, held a speech on what working in non-profit means, on the international organizations that bring a major social change, on the professional opportunities and on the economic value of non-profit.

Moreover, he dispelled many misconceptions and perceptive distortions of the sector, often promoted by social media, he also reiterated that working in non-profit sector does not mean doing volunteering, but instead it means being prepared and remunerated professionals.

Together with ASVI Social Change, another historic partner was there, Save the Children.

Federica Testorio, Volunteers Manager, wanted to share her experience and tell students what working for an NGO means and the satisfaction it can give and she explained the relationship with ASVI Social Change, which is now ten-years long, and the many achievements they have obtained together.

The event ended with a speech on the value of the collaboration with AIESEC and the launch of new scholarships for the members of AIESEC Italy, which have been enrolled for at least six months, or for those who have been members of AIESEC Italy, over the past 5 years. 

Marco Crescenzi, ended with an appeal:

Why people think that having a career is only possible within the multinationals, when there is a sector that offers not only employment, but also worth living challenges, international careers and direct visibility of the own social impact? An area that does not find enough trained professionals? We do not need kind people, we need honest and angry people willing to change the world. Non-profit is surely not dreamland, but if it is considered from the working aspect- in my opinion- it is the best existing. We are waiting for you!”.

After an unexpected, welcomed and prolonged applause, the young students gave free rein to curiosity and to the questions about career opportunities and on how to take part at admission interviews.

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