A Fundraiser does not collect money, he raises men

I would leave this work if I thought I were merely raising money. It is raising men that appeals to me” C.S.Ward (1909)

FRM – Fundraising Management master students- December 2015 edition, started their one year-long journey in fundraising, testing themselves with the first techniques and the first practical tools, on 26 – 28 February 2016.

Anna Maria Cinelli and Mariagrazia Smiraglia from Medecins Sans Frontieres, Giancarla Pancione from Save the Children, Maria Carla Cardelli from Libera-Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie introduced students to the main tools of fundraising, during those three days.

In particular, they highlighted the importance of the following techniques and tools:

– Individual donors and retention

– Fundraising and management control Budget

– Events

– Database

A specific focus was dedicated to Canvas Fundraising: an essential management tool for anyone willing to persue a career in fundraising.

One of the most significant moments was the speech held by of Francesco Macioce and Roberto Salvan ( former General Manager at UNICEF) on Geo marketing. The Territorial Analysis, has, in fact, become one of the key dimension for success, but it has to be undertaken at the best available level of details and with the best information available. Data analysis allows to take more effective and efficient decisions.

Students in Fundraising Management are now ready for the next workshop, which is scheduled in less than a month, to complete the picture of fundraising techniques and tools.


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