Good luck to the new generation of Fundraisers!

Alessandra Delli Poggi, Head Corporate Fundraising AIRC (the Italian Association for Cancer Research) and ASSIF (the Italian Association of Fundraisers) Executive Board member, has been involved with promoting Fundrasing activities knowledge and skills for the past 15 years, in Italy. She sends her best wishes to the new students of the Master Programme FRM-  Master in Fundraising Management, Communication, Marketing, Social Media and Social Campaigns of ASVI Social Change.

In Italy, non profit organizations need to develop and deliver skills as well as creating new jobs. Thanks to ASVI Social Change activities, ASSIF can affirm that a will of change and innovation exists and achievement is possible.

According to ISTAT (the Italian National Institute of Statistics), over the last 10 years a 28% growth in NPOs has been registered. In addition, two other encouraging data have been observed: with 689.000 employees representing a 39% growth compared to 2001, and  over 64 billion overall income, the Non profit sector represents one of the best growth assets for Italy.

ASVI Social Change activity of training new fundraisers is paramount to create knowledge and network conditions for the new professionals of this sector. It is necessary to join forces and skills in order to make citizens and Institutions aware that Non profit organizations are essential to the Italian Welfare.

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