Cristina: thanks to ASVI Social Change, sharing has never been so good

contini-150x150Cristina Contini, who graduated at the Master in Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development, tells us what it meant for her to become part of ASVI Social Change.

“I decided to enroll in ASVI Social Change Master in a period when I was no longer sure about my plans for the future. I had been working for several years for Africa in the field of international cooperation. I felt like I could do everything, but I had lost my real purpose. During my master, some teachers reminded me the reason why I had chosen this job and the goal I wanted to achieve. Some others showed me opportunities still unknown to me, and some others have been the best teachers I have ever had. However, what helped me the most, the best contribution that ASVI Social Change gave to me, has been the importance of friendship, people sharing happiness as well as tiredness with me.

I’m currently working as a Project Manager for the ANT Foundation in Bologna, an excellent organization involved in the fight against cancer. Moreover, I’m the President and Project Coordinator of POA (, my small NPO, which I lead with great enthusiasm. This makes me very happy.”

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