Francesca: everything I promised to ASVI Social Change and myself has come true

Francesca Cinus, former ASVI Social Change student of the Master in Europroject Management (November 2011 Edition), tells us about her experience and talks about a promise she made 3 years ago which… has come true!

“When I signed up for the Master, I was leaving my small town in Sardinia. I made the best decision: choosing the best place in which to achieve my goals; I learnt how to see myself as a professional among professionals.

My life had always been led by a “multicolour thread of skills”, which should have drawn my actions and soul in my experiences. ASVI Social Change gave me some bricks to build something stronger and wider; an input to improve my abilities and train my concentration. It allowed me to observe and live face-to-face dynamics and players of the Non Profit Sector. The project work (my final exam) was an important and constant training ground for me; in my role of coordinator, it allowed me to train every aspect of the specific skills of an organisation.

My tutors helped me find a way I had never entirely walked. Then – I will never forget it – in my Master’s final interview, when I was asked where I would have seen myself two years later, I silently promised myself and said I would have worked for participated projects with a focus on local development; I meant to work for my town of origin as well.  What have I been doing in these last two years after the end of the Master? I’ve done my best to fulfill my dream: thanks to ASVI Social Change and my tutor’s wisdom I experienced a post-Master internship in one of the main Italian networks in terms of Social Innovation, Impact Hub Roma.

At present, I’m finishing my master’s degree thesis on communication as a process for local development projects in my territory, the Sulcis Iglesiente. Actually, what has come out in my thesis is not properly “mine” as what can be read is nothing but the result of frequent “oral exchanges” with some partners, the most important stakeholders in the territory.

The final part of the thesis will be a world café, a non-conventional conversation included in facilitation techniques (participated project) where these important stakeholders (people from relevant associations, local officials, Council members for Local Government Bodies of Sardinia, representatives of the main businesses) will talk together about local development. Their participation, absolutely free with no institutional obligation, is due to the love for their territory and, apparently, for the thesis which make them proper co-authors of my work.

All this so as keeping my promise to ASVI Social Change and myself. Do you think I’m walking the right way? ASVI Social Change reminds us that preparation and training never end, but I think I’m on the right way.

Thank you ASVI Social Change!

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