Internships: the perfect training for working in the Non Profit sector

“Doing an internship at the British Red Cross was an amazing experience. Working with other 200 fundraisers in the same building and for the same organisation has completely changed my perspective of work.” (Federico Ippoliti, Master FRM- Fundraising Management, Communication, Marketing, Social Media and Social Campaigns)

The long and qualified history of ASVI Social Change in the Non Profit sector allows selecting among more than 200 organisations within the network, both in Italy and abroad, where students can do an internship in order to complete their training cycle and professional path. The Internship is done at the end of the Master classes, when students have already gained a range of relevant skills which can be finally trained.

Students work with an organisation for a period which can vary from 200 hours until 6 months. It may be full-time or part-time, depending on the educational project arranged by ASVI Social Change and the host organisation. Objectives, stage activities and tutorship of the host NPO are described in the project.

Dora Lisa Mercurio is the Head of ASVI Social Change Internship and is responsible for the entire experience, from the opening interview to the actual beginning of the internship. This implies:

– a preparatory stage: personal inteviews are conducted and every student’s background is analysed along with any skills to be trained in the internship.

– an internship research stage: the Head of Internship contacts the organisations, from the first selection to the actual beginning of the internship.

Some of our recent cooperations have been with: ActionAid, Amnesty International, Bambin Gesù Pediatric Hospital, Italian Red Cross, Amref, WWF… and many more.

Internships are a smart way to take new challenges and a wonderful opportunity to play the leading role in the social change!


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