#FromtheField: “Poverty and future: our children among the last ones in the EU”. My commitment as a Save The Children volunteer

Federico Atzori, Coordinator of FRAME- Master in Fundraising Management in the NGOs tells us about the commitment of being a volunteer for Save The Children:

“The Italian campaign “Childhood Alarm” had started, launched by Save the Children Italy in 16 cities to reflect the condition of the Italian childhood, ranked last in Europe for “Poverty of future”.

In the 16 Italian cities, the organisation’s activists made considerable efforts to make themselves heard with silent poses and billboards around the city.

The group of volunteers from Cagliari, of which I am part, and for which I have looked after the social media management for years, raised the interest of different local newspapers and the picture, symbol of the campaign in the city, taken in Cagliari, ended up in the national article of a famous daily newspaper.

The objective for this activity is to mobilize and raise awareness concerning a severe problem: the absence of future for the young people and more in general, for the students of the Italian schools. An article of a local daily newspaper inspired by the Save The Children Report on the issue, said: “only 13% of the parents believes that the children will make their dreams come true”. For my group and me, as volunteers of a big organisation in defence of the minors, it was big blow, an unacceptable condition, against this we had to fight for the right with all our strength.

Our activity, positively touched the shopkeepers, they decided to display awareness adverts in their shops that is located at the city centre of their cities for many days.

The volunteering activity, made of sacrifices and sometimes of photographic poses, is fundamental for raising the awareness of battles that some people feel faraway without realizing how much they are actually affected by them. The group of volunteers in Cagliari, are not new to these types of activities and they have always been active during important moments for the Organisation, and also in this case. 

This campaign is the most felt and eventful in when compared to the last  3 years, it recieved various corrective measures from the policy makers; spurred by the volunteers of an Organisation that believed and investd a lot in volunteering resources in order to battle against the lack of future for children and youths.

This was one of my ways of being in the field. Today, I am in the field on a daily basis, in the Social Change School, where we work hard for the realization of valuable dreams that are too often denied.”

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