Workshop in Advanced Project Management Techniques

From the 21st until the 23rd of October 2016, the students of the PMC Master- in Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development, June 2016 edition, took part at 3 days of Workshop focused on the application of the Project Cycle Management.

With the lecturer Andrea Stroppiana, Project Manager and consultant for national bodies and international partners for projects of the European Union, and Cinzia D’Intino, Master Coordinator.

The fist day started with the presentation of the video “Allá vamos, otra vez” to introduce the failures in the international cooperation. This generated an interesting interchange between students and lecturer on their own professional experiences related to the topic of the video.

They then proceeded with the stage of identification of the project cycle: entity, stakeholders analysis and introduction to problems analysis. In the problems analysis the difference between well-formulated problems and missing solution/tool was made. At the stage of objectives analysis, students could ask questions and A. Stroppiana, shared his own professional experiences

Logical Framework “By Results” was the main  topic of the second day. In that session as well, students were engaged in a group laboratory: each group built its own LF starting by a chosen entity. In this way, they could apply theory to a practical project example.

During the third day, the “risks and obstacles for the startup of a development project” were examined, with practical applications and projects analysis.

Finally,  our students didn’t miss the chance to ask Andrea Stroppiana about suggestions on their professional path within the development sector, who also gave a short hint to the New Logical Framework, topic that we will discuss on Blog4Change in the coming weeks.

…Waiting for the next workshop!



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