The School staff: the success of our students’ employment gives full meaning to our teamwork!

What are the impacts of the results of our Employment Follow Up Analysis, who on a daily basis does it concern? Because it is so much more than a simple hashtag…it is a mission #Working4SocialChange?

We directly asked the Didactic Staff of the Social Change School for information.

Cinzia D’Intino, Didactic Coordinator and Coordinator of the PMC Master -in Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development”:

“How do I explain the extraordinary result from the Employment Follow Up? It is important to note the direct relationship that exists between the organisations and us- both teachers and staff-. I have first-hand experienced the importance of organising a levelled stage, in which the educational objectives are respected, with students that achieve the organisations’ goals with professionalism: that’s the winning matching! The Didactic office (training for the specific skills required) and the Career Service (care and planning of the ‘post’ Diploma path) are deeply interconnected.

In my opinion,  satisfaction is a concrete result which proofs that the work we do, is closely linked with the work and the life of the students.”

Federico Atzori, Evaluation Process Manager and Coordinator of the FRAME Master  – in FundRaising Management in the NGOs Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, Social Media, Campaigns, adds:

“I regard constant care on the skills and on-the-field training with utmost importance. The in-progress evaluation process is very distinctively clear as the future change makers, during the period of the Master, are constantly challenged and motivated  in classes and through individual exams. During their the period of their Master, they are given didactic challenges, that helps to prepare, motivate and groom them for the the field as they are individually involved. After the completion of the Master, they are more skilled and better trained by the time they start working in an organisation.  We know that they are more equipped by virtue of the data, and certainly gives more meaning to the work we do.”

Dora Lisa Mercurio, Resp. Career Service Officer and Coordinator of the Master HOPE in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistic in the field , finally, finds the fil rouge of an ecosystem that, operating in synergy, could produce all those significant results:

“The result is for me the sign that the SYSTEM works as a whole, and it is made of people who put in their best: Staff, Teachers, Valuable Students, Directors, Didactic, Communication, Management.”

#Working4SocialChange …

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