‘Get to know us!’: Sophia Crescenzi, Social Media Officer, from Rome to Edinburgh

Sophia has been surrounded by solidarity since she was a child, enriching then her knowledges and experiences in different and important European realities…

Now, she is in charge of communicating the ideas and news of the Social Change School, whilst she pursues her life and educational journey, through Europe.

Let’s find out who she is, and which are the stories and suggestions that she wants to share with all of us…!

‘Get to Know us!’ with Sophia


  1. Sophia, let’s start by introducing yourself: how old are you? For how long and under which role have you been part of the Social Change School?

“I am 22 years old and I have been collaborating with the Social Change School’s Communication Department, for one year and a half. However, I must admit that I have always been part of this amazing reality. I’ve recently achieved the role of Social Media Officer. My job is to support the school by managing the Italian and English newsletters, the DEM- that is the emailing, the Blog4Change, contributing to the dialogue and creation of discussions and thoughts amongst staff, lecturers, colleagues and students, on the activities of the school and on NonProfit themes and news.”

  1. Let’s talk about your studies: International Festival and Events Management at Edinburgh Napier University. What is it about?

“I work part-time both in the Communication Department and as a Student Ambassador for my University, but mainly I am a full-time student at Edinburgh Napier University. My degree is specialized in Festival and Events Management, from sport, music and art events, to business meetings and conventions. We focus on subjects such as Marketing, Business or Languages and we work on many practical projects. I am about to start my third year that involves a full-time placement in a real company. I am looking forward to get some first-hand experience! Edinburgh surely is the best place for this industry, with more than 10 different festivals each year, amongst which the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, one of the most important art festival in the world.”

  1. What have been your experiences with ‘solidarity’? How has your story started?

“Since I was little, I have been surrounded by solidarity and collaboration. Being in close contact with the universe of the Social Change School, starting to know, step by step, the NonProfit world. Moreover, my mother is the President of the Social Cooperative Primo Sole Percorsi, the Cooperative, supports people with mental health illnesses in Rome, by providing them creative laboratories and involving them in projects and art collaborations. I have been part of it since I was a child, and many times I have visited the laboratories, becoming a friend to those who give shape to them.”

  1. Can you recall an episode that has particularly impressed you during the past years?

“An episode that I consider to be significant, was the event REACH OUT, organized for the Scottish Charity Garvald Edinburgh, that works with people with learning disabilities, organizing theater, painting, cooking workshops and not only.

With my university group, we have organized an art exhibition to show their incredible hand-made artworks and the raised income was donated to the Charity. The same event was held in a “non profit café”. It was an enriching experience of collaboration with a Charity. Visiting their workshops and supporting their hard work with our event, filled me with joy.”


  1. Sophia, you are a real ‘traveller’. You have lived in Italy, in the UK, both London and Edinburgh, now in Spain for a short stay and next year, maybe France: how do you live that constant change? I am afraid to ask you how you can manage the moving..

“I don’t know either… I think, in the end, I just got used to it! From the moment I left Italy, and I went to London for a ‘gap year’, I realized how important it is for me, to get to know other cultures and countries. I became a different person, a better one. Staying still in the same place is not enough anymore. I like to challenge myself and approach each change and situation with a positive attitude and curiosity, without giving up in front of the obstacles (I moved 8 times when I was in London). I am thankful for the amazing people I have met and for the different experiences I have lived.”

  1. Since you are a traveller, can you give me your meaning of: ‘roots’ and ‘experience’?

“My roots are in Rome, since it is my hometown; but I feel that my roots are not still, since in every place I have been, I have left a part of my dreams and of my affections.

Experience is what made me who I am today, it is important to be open to new experiences and to face them with positivity.”

  1. Where and how do you see yourself in 10 years?

“It is diffucult to make a prediction at the moment, especially for what concerns the city or country, but (unfortunately…) I don’t think I will come back to Italy, at least in the next years. I hope to achieve my objectives and pursue my academic career. I hope to be able to make the difference with my work, maybe by organizing fundraising events for NGOs supporing great causes…But there is still a lot to do and we’ll see where this fantastic route will take me in the end!”

  1. Let’s talk about solidarity, now from a professional and personal point of view: what can be expected by those who want to commit in the NonProfit? And what should they be ready to give?

On one hand, they should be ready to give their passion and skills. It is important to acquire a professional and educational training, in order to reinforce the impacts and be more effective.

On the other hand, they will surely receive great satisfaction and a feeling of being useful and impactful.

My suggestion is to be brave, don’t be afraid of pursuing a career and path that will positively turn your life around!”


By Guido Pacifici



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