An Intense Weekend for the future Project managers and Fundraisers!

From January 21st to January 24th students both from the Master Programme in Project Management and those in Fundraising were engaged in four- full- immersion days of workshops in Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework by results, Strategies and types of Fundraising- legacy, corporate, direct, web, community.

Andrea Stroppiana held a class dealing with the primary causes for a project failure. They were all interactive lessons in which students had the chance to apply the theoretical tools, immediately, during individual and team exercises.

Alessio di Carlo concentrated more on the topic of Project Monitoring.

A number of case studies were examined during the team exercises and students were divided in two groups each focusing on a specific project: women’s empowerment in Tunisia on one hand and food security in a village in Bolivia, on the other.

Students in Fundraising, on the contrary, dealt with Fundraising Startup in Italy and abroad with a specific focus on the specific tools, Redemption and Return on investment thanks to the lecturer Maria Carla Cardelli.

Giancarla Pancione, Save the Children Italy, examined in depth the topic of Individual donors presenting he best ways to master Donor acquisition and to keep donors faithful to one’s organization, specifically: direct mailing, face to face, e-mailing, charity gifts, 5×1000, sms and many more.

Stefano Malfatti concentrated his lesson on Legacy, a technique which is believed to have a great potential in fundraising (types of donors, types of legacy gift, legacy cycle…)

Anna Maria Cinelli and MariaGrazia Smiraglia (Medecins sans Frontieres) examined all the fases of a fundraising event: planning, organizing, budget, avaluation. They also focused on the the importance of having a Database and knowing how to manage it, as well as the Budget. At the end of the lesson students had to write a budget themselves for a fundraising campaign.

Marica Fachin (Greenpeace Italy) talked about all aspects of digital fundraising and asked students to plan an online fundraising campaign.

The final day was centered on Corporate Fundraising and Community Fundraising with Maria Carla Cardelli and Veronica Manna, respectively.

An intense, but fruitful weekend, indeed!

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