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“ASVI Social Change plays an essential role in training the Best Non- Profit professionals in Italy.
Through the years it has strengthened the professional profiles of those working in International Cooperation by giving structured competences to volunteers and to those willing to give their contribution to a Sector, the Non Profit, which is constantly evolving and ever more demanding. I want to thank ASVI Social Change because for giving me the chance to meet extraordinary colleagues and students, people who strongly believe in their dreams and who are determined to take the challenge up and do their best to make their dreams come true”
Farida Bena– Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Oxfam International, (own business)
“When I discovered ASVI Social Change for the first time I was surprised by how extraordinarily dynamic it was. I was particularly impressed by the ability to talk about international topic in a context like that of the Third Sector and most of all I was caught by the commitment to train the Third Sector Managers of the future in Italy. The strong cultural roots at the heart of ASVI Social Change activities are the secret to its success and a warranty of the professional competences of the future generation of Third Sector managers”.
Stefano Malfatti– Head of Fundraising Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS
“Of all the accredited educational institutions to train managers in the third sector, what impressed me the most about ASVI Social Change was its multi-ethnic environment and its national and international network of contacts in the sector. This helps developing new ideas, innovative and challenging projects and a cultural evolution of the sector in Italy”.
Alessandra Delli Poggi– Head Corporate Fundraising AIRC – Associazione Italiana Ricerca sul Cancro

“Compared to the other two master courses in which I teach, I can tell ASVI Social Change has two main strong points. First of all, Tutoring which is carried out in an extremely professional way. Second, the general atmosphere during courses and classes. ASVI Social Change students all have different backgrounds but share the same vision and mission: this generates a successful synergy which is extremely pleasant to experience.”
Andrea Stroppiana– Project Manager at RC Research and Cooperation
“Education is undoubtedly the way to understand the dynamics of the labour market and of society in general. It it the main cause of personal and relational changes. The use of real case studies, concrete tools and competences, lecturers who are professionals in the third sector and on field are the winning points of ASVI Social Change. “Longum iter est per praecepta, breve et efficax per exempla-Seneca”
Sergio Vecchiarelli– Administrative director at Intersos
Outside the US and UK, too few agencies have risen to the task of teaching tomorrow’s nonprofit leaders. Happily through its FRAME Masters programme, the Social Change School has undertaken this role in Europe, and I am proud to have been part of it for the last five years. The sector is in good hands and we will see a welcome increase in the professionalism and effectiveness.
Isabel WhiteAdvice2Go, Fundraising Consultant, London- Frame 2011 Director

“ASVI Social Change taught me that dreams and personal ambitions create benefits rather than social harm only if combined with a solid cultural and professional background”
Federico Marcon – Business Development Manager at Plan Australia

“The third Sector needs professionals as well as people of value. People who can make a difference within an organization by bringing innovative ideas and changes while embodying the organizations’ values in their everyday tasks. ASVI Social Change trains the future generations of change makers. This is our challenge and this is the path we want to follow: because personal development is essential for everything else.”
Luigi Zampi – Head of Management Development in ASVI Social Change

“I have known ASVI Social Change since 2001. Since the very beginning what surprised me was its dynamic nature, the constant research for Change and innovation and the importance given to the network. After almost 20 years, ASVI Social Change has been coherent with its values and committed to its objective: to create social change through education and by exchanging experiences. I am honored to give my tiny contribution to the development of this incredible project.”
Stefano Oltolini – Foundation Partnership Manager at COOPI – International Cooperation

“ASVI Social Change is a landmark and a network for anyone wanting to work in the Non Profit Sector. It gives students and lecturers the opportunity to be constantly updated on the development and innovation of the sector.”
Maria Carla Cardelli– Fundraising and Communications Office at Libera – Associazioni, Nomi e Numeri Contro le Mafie

“It is very easy to explain and describe ASVI Social Change. It’s a training school. A school of talented people. A place where people teach what Passion is. A place where professionals can constantly improve a learn more. A magic place where one’s dreams can become true!”
Davide Cavazza – Head of Communications at Altromercato

“Teaching and training in ASVI Social Change means exchanging ideas, analyzing in depth, innovating, experimenting. It is a lab of innovative ideas and methods. The perfect place where young dynamic and innovative students can exchange ideas with professionals of the sector. This is the added value of the partnership with ASVI Social Change”
Simona Rigoni– HR Department at Oxfam Italy

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