Master PMC fellows met in Rome for a Workshop on ADVANCED PROJECT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES

Master PMC fellows met in Rome for a Workshop on ADVANCED PROJECT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES

Between the 16th and the 18th of March 2018, students of Master PMC- Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development, December 2017 Edition, landed in Rome for the cycle of workshops on “ADVANCED PROJECT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES IN COOPERATION FOR DEVELOPMENT”. The workshop was held at the Polo Didattico, and it was led by Andrea Stroppiana, from the NGO Ricerca e Cooperazione and consultant of European Commission’s projects and programs, expert in participatory methods applied to project management in development contexts (GOPP Method).

Master PMC fellows met in Rome for a Workshop on ADVANCED PROJECT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUESThe first day focused on “PROJECT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. Project Cycle Management (PCM).” Introducing project design, A. Stroppiana presented the main causes of project failure and different case studies. He then delved into PROJECT CYCLE MANAGEMENT: analysis, tools, context (sector, final beneficiaries and intervention area) and use. The second half of the day was centred on stakeholder and problems’ analysis.

Saturday 17th was dedicated to “THE LOGICAL FRAMEWORK ‘BY RESULTS’”. This session aimed to give the students the knowledge and tools to conduct an analysis of the objectives, expected results and activities necessary to create an intervention logic. They looked at the Logical Framework and the Formulation phase, and the use of the Log Frame in PCM.

During the second part of the day, fellows were able to put the theory of Logical Framework into practice through different group exercises.


Objectives achieved by the end of the day were: to understand the composition, type and development of indicators; to choose the correct sources of verification for the indicators; and finally, to conduct the risk analysis of a project.

Thanks to the expertise of Andrea Stroppiana, we believe the Workshop provided students with valid tools and knowledge on advanced project management techniques in cooperation for development. Fellows were particularly satisfied with the number of examples and experiences shared by Andrea Stroppiana thanks to his considerable professional experience.

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