Country Finance Officer


The Finance Officer is responsible for the proper technical performance of all accounting-financial activities of the mission and its projects. In this context, he/she ensures the correct and effective management of financial resources, in accordance with the Organization procedures and the Regional Finance Officer’s directions.

Reporting to:

The Head of Mission, to whom he/she submits a written monthly report, elaborated according to a standard form/template designed by the Foreign Finance Director, pertaining to the development of the activities and critical issues identified. Copy of the report must be submitted also to the Foreign Finance Director and the Regional Administrator of the area of reference.


Responsible for the proper accounting and administration of funds.


• To ensure compliance with INTERSOS and donors procedures;

• To prepare and submit for the approval of the Head of Mission the country and project economic and financial plan, in accordance with financial and budget constraints, following the indications of the Head of Mission and Project Manager, making use of the New Accounting Information System, or when not available, using the tools and templates provided by the procedural Protocols;

• To submit the economic and financial plan of the country to the Head of Mission for approval, and provide the Head of Mission and Project Managers with regular planning control data, highlighting any variances, errors and issues that may arise;

• To manage country and project accounting and coordinate administrative personnel;

• To assume responsibility for cash account administration, ensuring conformity to existing procedures; shortages or thefts must be reported, bearing the joint signature of both, the Country Finance Officer and the Head of Mission;

• To update the economic and financial status of the mission and related-projects, in terms of expenses, appropriations, available cash and liquidity;

• To be responsible for monthly drafting and updating of the Global Management;

• To check the interim and final financial reports and submit them to the Project Manager and Head of Mission for approval;

• To assume responsibility for local personnel register;

• To collaborate with the Head of Mission identifying standing labor laws;

• To be responsible for the compliance with labor laws.

To ensure the proper execution of goods, works and services procurement processes and conformity to NGO and donors procedures.

To provide support to the Head of Mission on the drafting of new projects.


• To ensure correct budget processing, checking conformity and consistency of expense items, as well as accordance with procedures in force;

• To assess new administrative requirements against estimated activities.

To be responsible for mission administrative-accounting documents and all finished project documentation.


• To set up, organize and manage the administrative files pertaining the mission and in loco projects, based on criteria defined by the Protocols and any indications from the Regional Finance Officer;

• To check that warehouse bookkeeping and related documents are d stored and filed;

• To provide the Regional Finance Officer with official documentation on individual projects and contracts;

• To update the list of reliable suppliers, as indicated by the Head of Mission, for subsequent use in specific procedures;

• To manage the local personnel register, subdivided by project;

• To submit to the Regional Finance Officer and the Foreign Finance Director the accounting report and the supporting documentation.

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