Master MIDHA Scholarship Programme

Master MIDHA Scholarship Programme

Do you want to boost your impact in the Non-Profit Sector? Master MIDHA Scholarship Programme is the easiest way to access to the Social Change School Full eLearning Master Programme.

Social Change School is a big professional family, accessible to everyone even those with economic difficulties or disabilities.

Download the Master’s Programme and request an admission interview.


PAYMENT WITHOUT DISCOUNT Payment by installments without interest or guarantee, up to 2 installments (enrollment quote € 1.000 + 2 installments)

Pre Enrollment: if you register within April 15th (with possibility of instalments)

DISCOUNT 10% Single Solution: if you pay the entire amount in a single solution
CUMULATIVE DISCOUNT  Pre-enrollment & Payment in a single solution


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The payment can be done in 2 INSTALMENTS to be paid during the first 9 months of the common path. Instalments with the Social Change School, without interest: paid in small parts in a fixed period of time.

MIDHA Master Scholarship Programme


Social Change Scholarship, an initiative which foresees the award of scholarships worth € 1.000 and € 2.000 (EUR), with a remaining amount which can be paid in 2 installments (to be paid during the first 6 months) without interests to Social Change School. After having completed the admission interview, the candidates may present the request for a Scholarship to Social Change School.

To apply for scholarships you must be a student already admitted to the course and who meets all the following requirements:

  1. Works as local staff in developing countries of Africa and South Est Asia or has volunteered consistently and continuously in emergency or international development fields, if not yet employed;
  2. Has received a favourable opinion from the interviewer at the time of orientation and admission interview;
  3. Has a University Degree;
  4. Has a situation of objective and demonstrable difficulty and economic instability;
  5. Has presented an adequate motivation for the request.
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The Process

To submit your application for the Master MIDHA Scholarship Programme you have to:

  1. Have passed the Master selection and orientation interview of the Social Change School;
  2. Download the application form for Social Change School Scholarships;
  3. Send the module to with an attached copy of your valid ID card or Passport.

Within the announcement, you will find all the information, requisites and deadlines for the Scholarship forms’ submission.

Only those who passed the Master selection and orientation interview of Social Change School can fill in the Master MIDHA Scholarship Programme form.

There are 3 deadlines for the the Scholarships:

  • First Deadline: By the 15th of May 2020, candidates must submit the request for scholarship, communicating the name of the assignee before the 18th May 2020.

  • Second Deadline: By the 3oth of June 2020, candidates must submit the request for scholarship, communicating the name of the assignee before the 3rd of July 2020.

  • Third Deadline: By the 24th of July 2020, candidates must submit the request for scholarship, communicating the name of the assignee before the 27th of July 2020.

Maximum accessibility for people with disability.

Complete the form and you will receive the MASTER PROGRAMME brochure sent to your e-mail address.

Ask for the admission and evaluation interview for the International Masters!

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