Rocio Requena Diez de Revenga

Financial Management

Spanish of origin, from Madrid, she spent many years of her life in Costa Rica
She is in charge of Financial Management where she tries her best to help those who want to invest in their future by offering services such as study grants and scholarships. 

She got her Law Degree in Spain, but completed her education in Italy where she worked as a lawyer for more than 20 years.

Why did she choose to become a lawyer? Everything started due to her deep sense of justice and fairness and a sense of gratitude for how blessed her life is. However, she never felt comfortable in that world of robes and formality: lawyers, who most of the time create problems rather than suggesting solutions, hours spent queuing, never-ending trials, her embarrassment in telling clients that their judicial hearing had to be postponed to 10 months…

At a particular point in her life, she began to realize that something was wrong: she did not feel fulfilled.
In a search to do and be more in order to give more meaning to life, she eventually came in touch with Social Change School and noticed a difference in perspective and focus. This initially unsettled her but she still decided to follow the flow and let the passion, enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism of the people in Social Change School guide her through this new chapter of her life.

Today, she is extremely happy and fulfilled, contributing her quota by investing her energy and skills in the Social Change School.

She loves London, but has lived in Rome for over 20 years. She has three grown-up kids from a previous marriage and warmly welcomed three more from her second marriage.

She is in love with life. She loves children, travelling, cats, flowers, books and sunsets. She does not mind a pleasant dinner with friends and a good bottle of wine. Among her favorite writers: Garcia Marquez, Massimo Gramellini and Gianrico Carofiglio.

Find out more about Rocio by reading #FromTheField: Rocío, experiences and stories “off the field”

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