Federico Atzori

Communication Coordinator | Community Manager | Innovation Officer

He was born in sunny Sardinia, in Cagliari, on 21 July 1990. He is rational and pragmatic, but he is also creative and loves experimenting. Since he was a child, he has been fond of technology and IT in general. In 2009 after his high school graduation, he formally begins his online activity as forum moderator. He takes up Economics in university, but soon he realizes that that is not his field. In 2012, he enrolls in International and Social Relations and studying Sociology, he begins to understand what he wants to do about his life. In that same year, he starts to be a volunteer in Save the Children in Cagliari and in August 2013 he collaborates with the Policy&Law unit as Social Media Manager. He immediately realizes that he wants to be in the Non Profit Sector.

In 2014, he is awarded a Scholarship by Save the Children to enroll in one of Social Change School Master Programms. He chooses MES-Master in Social Innovation, Social Business, Start up Social and innovative design – he is fascinated by Social Innovation and the wide range of possibilities offered by Social Business. That same year he started his own business as a Social Media Manager and Digital Strategist collaborating with a series of NGOs and Cooperatives, at first only in Sardinia and then in the whole of Italy,  which was motivated by the course he started.

In December 2014, he begun his adventure with Social Change School.

“I made it. Even there is still a long way to go and many challenges ahead….After all, A winner is a dreamer who never gave up (Nelson Mandela)”. 

Thanks to the competences acquired during the Master Program, he started an Internship in Save the Children, in April 2015. 

He loves sports: football, boxing and basketball.

Find out more about Federico by reading #FromtheField: “Poverty and future: our children among the last ones in the EU”. My commitment as a Save The Children volunteer

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