Alessandro Zito

Master MIDHA Coordinator

Alessandro was born in Potenza (Italy) and studied Architecture and Society, graduating in Land Planning, Urban and Environmental, and specializing in Territorial Policies and Participated Planning. He then obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Policies and Strategic Direction for Sustainable Development and a specialization in Euro Project Design.

Project Manager and Operator primarily in the field of Humanitarian Emergencies, in the last 15 years he has worked with some of the main international NGOs, like COOPI, INTERSOS, Oxfam Italia, ARCI and IOM. He worked in different positions and with various donors, in ItalyLatin America (Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Guatemala), Asia (Philippines), Middle East (Palestine and Israel) and Balkans (Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia).

He dealt with Participated Planning, Removal of Poverty’s Social Causes, Migration, Sustainable Development, Education and Overall Management of Anthropic-Natural Disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, typhoons and landslides, both in the field and research-documentation production, often working to generate a solid continuity between the emergency phase and the rehabilitation and development ones, through the management of participatory processes aimed at the direct involvement of local actors.

He is interested in promoting sustainable development processes, also through training activities, both by management and operational actions.

He is ready to share his skills and experiences, where cooperation can and must represent a viable path to achieve a responsible change and build an inclusive, resilient, communicative society, able to share and transmit with critical thought to the present and future generations the experiences it incorporates in its past, adapting them to the present practices.

He is passionate about theater, music, travelling, gardening, crafts, cooking and associations, and he deeply loves nature and long walks, especially mountain trekking.
He has always practiced sports, including volleyball, baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis and skiing.

Alessandro Zito

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