Local Development Agent – Community Manager

The profile is particularly sought by NGOs for programs in Italy, Associations, Consortium, Cooperatives, and Public Administration both at a local and international level.

The field of operation and the objectives of the role.

The professional range of opportunities is very wide.

It is a multidisciplinary role, a planner and project manager within the development projects.  He has to be able to involve all the actors on the field to implement development projects aimed at creating benefits for local communities.

He/she has to promote, make effective and exploit opportunities of growth and development of local communities and he/she must guarantee efficiency and effectiveness in terms of quality and innovative services, in production, infrastructure and in communication systems. He works both as a member of his organization and as a free-lance showing an ability to suggest new ways of intervention and to bring together all the players on the territory for a common purpose. He is active in the fields of sharing economy and community building as well.

He manages the main facilitation techniques, participatory management, co-design, design-thinking- Art of Hosting.

He knows how to present projects and collect funds through bank foundations, corporate and grant making rooted on the territory.

He knows the programs aimed at the local development, particularly EU structural funds, and other social, cultural, social cooperation programs and the main national and international institutions. He is in charge of presenting the project to the donor agencies paying great attention to the formal aspects (documents and conformity) and to the content (innovativeness, expected impact, budget and coherent work package). He is the one who gives the guidelines of the project to the group.

  • He decides the budget of the project.
  • He does the economic and financial reporting of the project.
  • He coordinates, manages and assesses projects.
  • He supports the capacity building of local partners and the staff.
  • He organizes Advocacy activities in order to increase the project’s impact.
  • He sets connections between development projects and processes through ex-post evaluations.
  • He manages the “Project Financing” and break-even point; he knows how to find private and public funds both a national and international level.
  • He manages the Business Model (Business Model Canvas) and the economic and financial Business Plan.
  • He knows how to apply crowdfunding techniques to develop projects and events.

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