Everybody in Madrid for a workshop about Management and Leadership Development

From the 21st to the 24th of June 2018, all of our students from the December 2017 Master Edition reunited to attend the cycle of workshops on Management and Leadership Development in Madrid. Masters in Project Management (PMC), in Fundraising Management (FRAME) and in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies (HOPE) fellows met our lecturers Alfonso Basco and Diego Battistessa, the Head of Career Development Service Tirso Puig and Social Change School’s President Marco Crescenzi.

On the first day, Alfonso Basco helped students understand the meaning and importance of self-effectiveness and assertiveness at work and in a team. The lecturer was really impressed by the group of students, admiring their proactivity, participation and interest in the topics at hand. Fellows were also very happy with Basco, appreciating his positive, empathic and passionate attitude as well as the practical exercises the lecturer had prepared for them.

Everybody in Madrid for a workshop about Management and Leadership DevelopmentOn the 22nd of June, Social Change School’s President Marco Crescenzi held a lecture on Public Speaking, explaining what communication is, why we are sometimes misunderstood, how to prepare for a public speech and leaving some time for students to practice together during a laboratory.

The workshop on Conflict Negotiation was held on the 23rd of June by the School’s lecturer and adviser Diego Battistessa. With him, fellows learnt how to classify the typical conflict situations at work and how to manage them in a positive way. Students found the lesson very interesting and greatly appreciated the practical exercises they were invited to perform by Battistessa.
In the afternoon of the same day, Marco Crescenzi was back in class to talk about Non Profit Management with students, giving them the opportunity to share their views, thus creating a stimulating debate.

During the last day of workshop, Tirso Puig introduced the work of Career Development Service and the right attitude students should have to go through it, dedicating a good part of the day to a laboratory on the personal SWOT and personal development plan of each student. Fellows were enthralled by the topic and the lecturer’s way of communicating and explaining the subjects.

Overall, fellows demonstrated great proactivity, which was noticed and appreciated by Cinzia D’Intino, the Head of Didactics: “We are very satisfied with the entire group of students, as we have received extremely positive feedbacks from their lecturers, who have noticed the high quality of participants, both in terms of participation and preparation. This is a very positive acknowledgement for the staff of the School, as it proves that our fellows are following the didactic path in the best way and that our work together is really proceeding in the right direction”.

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