Sabina: working in the Non Profit Sector confirms what my life plans are.

Sabina Fazari former student of the Master programme in Fundraising Management, Communication, Marketing, Social Media and Social Campaigns tells us about the importance of being part of ASVI Social Change.

“I have been working in the Non Profit Sector since 1991 and I saw it growing in my region of origin in the North West of Italy (Valle d’Aosta). In the past, good will and the right amount of commitment were the only ingredients needed in this sector, but things have changed and people, nowadays, need greater competences in order to give an effective and professional contribution to the Third Sector.

I started working in Non Profit right after graduating from high school because since the very beginning I knew this was what I wanted to do. I went to university and after getting a degree in Educational Sciences, I enrolled in ASVI Social Change.

Why ASVI Social Change? I was in a time of my life in which I was starting to wonder if it was still possible to engage in projects aimed at producing social impact and the Master in Fundraising caught my attention.

Following my admission interview with President Marco Crescenzi, I was convinced that ASVI Social Change could give me not only the practical skills I was looking for, but also the human relations that are useful in the learning method and that, most of all, give a deeper meaning to our lives.

All my expectations were confirmed!

I graduated in May 2015 and although things were not always easy, I understood that working in the Non Profit Sector is exactly what I want to do in my life.

These days I collaborate with a training center and I am the spokesperson for the Third Sector Forum in Valle d’Aosta. In October, I am starting my Fundraising activity as freelance. Let’s see where this new challenge will take me to!

Thank you ASVI Social Change!”

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