Beirut (Lebanon): the Field Experience of our Master PMC students

Our Master PMC fellows on the field with Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Beirut (Lebanon): the Field Experience of our Master PMC studentsFrom the 6th to the 10th of May 2019 our fellows from Master PMC –Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development – June 2018 Edition were in Beirut, in Lebanon, to put into practice what they have learnt during the Master, living a truly unforgettable experience.

Students, led by Alessio Di Carlo, Master PMC Director, and Cinzia D’IntinoDidactic Director and Master Coordinator, were welcomed by our partner NGO INTERSOS.

The Field Experience represents a real test at many levels for our fellows, that find themselves in a real situation with one of the most important organizations in the emergency scenery. Furthermore, through this experience students get a broader vision of their professional future in the humanitarian sector, developing useful technical abilities and soft skills.

Beirut (Lebanon): the Field Experience of our Master PMC students

The objective of their presence on the field was to evaluate the impact of a project implemented by INTERSOS in Lebanon for the inclusion of Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees. 7 focus group discussions took place. More concretely, they evaluated the benefits generated by three types of activities: solidarity initiative, skills’ training and integrated approach, a new methodology experimented by INTERSOS, which rehabilitates some buildings inhabited by families of refugees, and presents “soft” activities like training, psychosocial support and case management.

During this experience and getting in contact with many different ethnic groups, students saw more than ever how human relationships are the heart of everything. They understood that the resolutions of some conflicts, that at this point seem impossible to solve, should first of all focus on the analysis of people’s relational ability, at different levels, from single, to community, to ethnicity or peoples. The best diplomatic experience is always connected with building a relational line, that, when absent, doesn’t create the preconditions for any form of compromise.

Beirut (Lebanon): the Field Experience of our Master PMC studentsThe comment of Cinzia D’Intino, Didactic Director and previously Project Manager in Lebanon: “It was an intense experience. I am very proud of our students, who once again confirmed their ability to face a real context in the best way possible. The collaboration with INTERSOS was very appreciated. I can certainly state that it was a very useful and significant experience. Our students received the compliments of the entire staff of INTERSOS Lebanon”.

Thank you to all those who once again made this incredible and essential experience real, an opportunity that contributes to the training of the young leaders of tomorrow.
Good luck to everybody!

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