Master HOPE in Rome: Workshop on Humanitarian Finance and Logistics. Communication in Emergencies

Between the 17th and the 19th of November, the cycle of workshops on HUMANITARIAN FINANCE AND LOGISTICS. COMMUNICATION IN EMERGENCIES for Master HOPE – Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies, Managing Projects, People Administration & Logistic in the Field, was held in Rome, led by Leonardo Palma (Logistics Coordinator at INTERSOS – Humanitarian Organization), Lodovico Mariani (Director of Master HOPE and Finance and Administration Director at Amref Health ItaliaFilippo Ungaro (Communications Manager at Save the Children Italy).

Leonardo Palma's lecture - Humanitarian Finance and Logistics. Communication in emergencies

The morning of the first day was dedicated to “The role of logistics in a humanitarian intervention” and “Logistics keypoints – theory” with Leonardo Palma as lecturer. Fellows had the chance to learn about what needs to be done and the general guidelines to follow on the field, understanding the importance of a good logistics coordination.
During the second part of the day, fellows met Lodovico Mariani, who divided them in groups and helped them create a correct GANNT chart for their group projects.

Lodovico Mariani and Social Change School's fellows - Humanitarian Finance and Logistics. Communication in emergencies

On the second day, the fellows were once again with Lodovico Mariani and, always divided in groups, created a budget proposal for their projects, gave feedbacks to the other groups and ultimately learned how to create a realistic and correct budget. 
The rest of the day was dedicated to understanding and applying solid financial management practices in humanitarian programs, learning of all administrative and financial procedures in the grant management cycle and in general about ‘Financial structure and Financial planning’.

Filippo Ungaro interviews a student - Humanitarian Finance and Logistics. Communication in emergencies

On Sunday, our fellows met their lecturer, Filippo Ungaro, and started a new session dedicated to “Communication in emergencies”, its principles and tools.

The objective achieved in this series of workshops was to understand humanitarian finance and logistics, as well as the capacity to effectively communicate in emergencies.

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