In Madrid for a workshop on Management and Leadership Development

On November 17 and 18, 2018 our Master in Project Management (PMC) fellows of the June 2018 Edition gathered in Madrid to participate in the first part of the workshop on Management and Leadership Development. Students met the lecturer Alfonso Basco and the Head of Career Development Service Tirso Puig for two intense days of workshop in the School’s Spanish Head Quarters.

In Madrid for a workshop on Management and Leadership DevelopmentDuring the first day, Alfonso Basco explained to fellows the importance of self-effectiveness and assertiveness on the workplace and in a team, necessary to both learn how to manage diversity inside a Nonprofit team and understand one’s own working style and their team’s. The lecturer also presented the Whole-Brain Model by Ned Herrmann, which identifies four different types of thinking: analytical, sequential, interpersonal and imaginative.  

Students appreciated Basco’s approach for its energy and empathy and took part to the exercises organized by the lecturer with a positive and participative attitude.

The following day, Tirso Puig introduced the work of Career Development Service and the right mindset students should have to properly take on this path, dedicating a good part of the day to a lab on personal SWOT and personal development plan of each student.

Fellows really appreciated the way the lecturer communicated and explained the topics at hand, as well as Tirso’s preparation, competence and clarity.

Tirso Puig commented this way the two days of workshop with the students: “During the workshop I had the chance to see how this group of students is determined to reach their objectives and how each and everyone of them is aware of the effort it takes to achieve their goals. I have also noticed the great inclination towards doing the work presented by the School inside the Career Development path, something that will be very important when it comes to reap the rewards of their work”.

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