ACOSVO and Social Change School together for job opportunities in NGOs in Scotland

With its partnership with ACOSVO – the main organisation for third sector and senior staff in Scotland – Social Change School provides young leaders the opportunity to develop, influence and excel.

ACOSVO’s mission is to support, strengthen and inspire future leaders by offering them a wide range of topical events, development opportunities and relevant services.

Social Change School, with its one-year Master Programmes, helps students to develop strong and deep values, providing them the opportunity to carry out a field experience in NGOs.

Today, thanks to the partnership with ACOSVO, FRAME graduates will have the chance to carry out the field experience in one of the organizations within ACOSVO’s network. Therefore, this partnership is a unique opportunity for the students to improve their profiles and excel at an international level.

They also have the possibility to open their career at the Scottish market, which has indeed a growing demand for non-profit young managers.

Social Change School and ACOSVO together to promote excellence in leadership and management.

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