International Masters arrive in Madrid: a city ready for qualified professionals

Our master programmes has stopped over for the first in the bright and warm Madrid. To inaugurate this special occassion, the staff who presently live in Madrid, the Coordinator for the Master in Fundraising Management Federico Atzori, and high-level spanish professionals coming from NGOs such as Save the ChildrenAcción Contra el Hambre and were all in attendance.

The topics ranged from the communication plan, to strategies in creating an effective press realise, efficient social media management to the creating effective campaigns for the organizatioon using Digital Marketing, and many practical exercises. Thanks to a not too packed schedule, the fundraising master students had the opportunity of enjoying the city’s rich cultural heritage, amongst which the wonderful exhibition of Worldpress, with an amazing and dramatic photographic section on the refugees.                

Federico Atzori comments the Madrid workshop:

“Spain is  one of the most fascinating cases in Europe, that promises major growth in the communication sector of organisations in the third sector. The students of the School will be the social change actors in the near future, and some of them will work in the communication sector, with a clear mission: innovating. In order to innovate, it is necessary to start from a good and solid communication plan, as explained by Susana Hidalgo, Communication Officer of Save the Children Spain. The main communication tool in these organisations is: the press release, studied with Mariluz Garcia, press coordinator for Save the Children Spain.

The communication strategies of the organisation is affected by the digital age that gives insight into expectations for the future and no one better than Maria Butera, Digital development Manager for Save the Children Spain and Clara Cantos, Head of content and Social networks could have explained the aspects of the digital marketing and the social media management.”

Considering the warm welcome, quality, affordability and accessibility, we intend to increase our formative presence in the city, as aresult of careful consideration of the international Spanish cooperation strength, the professional vivacity of the Fundraising, and the available job opportunities, observed growth and search for qualified professional in the non profit sector.

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