It is now time to take action!

On 9th and 10th June the final days of the three following Masters (June 2015 Edition) took place:

During the first day, students presented their personal projects works. All projects were concrete, innovative and very well-presented, more than what was expected by the Evaluation Committee.

Several ASVI Social Change partners, including ASSIF, I-SIN and Cocoon Projects took the floor and gave their support. On the very final day, diplomas were handed out and President Marco Crescenzi delivered his speech encouraging students to gain awareness and consider themselves as real social change makers. They’re now part of a team and know that the final ceremony is simply the beginning of a new path.

After presenting the Alumni Community and its services for the post-Master period, students and their enthusiasm finally became the protagonists of the day. Each one with their own background, perspectives and dreams, but all with the same awareness: having had a life-changing experience.

It is now time to take action!



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