#FromtheField: Cristina from PMC Master to the field with Emergency

Cristina Contini, Country Administrator after the Social Change School Master

Experiences, memories and feelings of those who, thanks to the Social Change School Master, have changed their own life and the one of the others, working with the NGOs.

Cristina tells us about her present experience and memories of her path with the Social Change School.

contini-150x150“In 2015 I ended the Master PMC in Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development with the Social Change School.

I chose to enroll in this Master in a moment during which I was not sure of anything. For many years, I had been working in Africa, in the field of international cooperation. I felt like a handyman. Distorted in every role.”


After the Social Change School Master

“After the Master, I carried out a stage in the field of Euro Project Management at the ANT Foundation , remaining there two more years as Program Manager.

At the foundation, I establish the path of the organization in the euro project management, and I was responsible for the participation at different European calls, receiving great satisfactions!

Then, I became a Tranier on the Logical Framework in two private institutions, one in Brussels and the other one in Rome.”


“My experience continues with a quite recent evolution: I have been contacted by Emergency and now I am in Kabul as a Country Administrator for the whole “Afghanistan programme”. At the moment, I collaborate with the headquarters for the redaction of the financed projects and for the reporting of the closed ones as well as for the relationships with the donors and all the administrative procedures, for a programme that is divided between three differente areas of the country.

Hopes for the future? I don’t know, I love my work and, what I love most, amongst the thousands of other activities, surely is the project management activity that I can nurture here. We’ll see..let’s take one step at the time”

The Master experience

“During the Master some of the lecturers I have met, reminded me why I had chosen that work and what I wanted to achieve. Others,  thaught me some points of view that were still unknown. Others have been for me, the best lecturers of my whole life. But what has helped me most, what my experience with the Social Change School has meant is: having rediscovered the value of friendship. The sharing of joy and tiredness.

It was a wonderful path..really!!


On may 31st, we reported Cristina’s live during Kabul bombings, a video reported from Repubblica.it.


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