#Working4NGOs: The new section by Career Development Service

#Working4NGOs: The new section by Career Development Service

NonProfit work… As seen from the inside!

Do you want to find a job in the NonProfit, but you don’t know how?

Do you want to understand how to grow professionally or maybe how to present your profile in the best way possible?

Do you want to know the stories of our fellows “who made it” and understand how?

The Career Development Service probably has many of the answers you are looking for and, as of today, shares online some of its knowledge with you! Through the experiences of our students, both the successes and the possible failures, you’ll be able to understand what are the steps to be taken in the sector; thanks to the advices of our experts you’ll be able to write an acceptable CV (without any fear); through the news and analysis of the courses taken by our students, you’ll get to know or remember about the tools or information that will be handy in your professional path, whether you already work in the Nonprofit or you are just entering it.

 Career Development Service: who are we?

The Career Development Service was born 16 years ago, in 2002, with the increase in the number of students and the strengthening of the relationships with the organisations and of our growing responsibilities; since 2002, it has always been one of our main assets.

The responsible of the service, Tirso Puig de la Bellacasa, comes from the international cooperation sector, but he also worked as Career Adviser both on the field and in prestigious educational Institutes (read here to find out more about the Head of Career Development Service). He knows very well the Italian and international markets, works full time in Madrid, working closely with the President Marco Crescenzi, the Head of Didactics (Cinzia D’Intino), the Responsible for Administration (Rocio Requena – legal aspects), and with all the Masters Coordinators. At  the moment the team is composed by 7 people.

Would you like a preview?

CAREERDEVELOPMENTThe service is long and articulated into 10 steps, that will be analysed offering food for thought, advices and tools. 

 Career Development Service: why?


The first objective,  EMPLOYABILITY, explicates into the creation of the professional profile and the competences that are requested the most by the NonProfit market; it facilitates the contact between the fellows and the job market through personalised coaching, specific trainings and meetings with the HRM of the NGOs.

The second  objective, long-term PROFESSIONAL EFFECTIVENESS, starts  from creating a long-term and correct professional profile (with an outlook on the future) to make the difference in the job market.

Follow us on this journey to the discovery of the tools, ideas and reflections for a concrete and results-focused Career Development.


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