Breaking news: Social Change School among the first to get the HPass certification

Breaking news: Social Change School among the first to get the HPass certification

Social Change School is one of the first institutions in the world to get the HPass Higher Level International Standard certification as Learning Provider in International Cooperation  


It is a real pleasure for me to communicate that Social Change School is one of first institutions in the world, together with Bioforce (Fr), Red Cross UK and few others, to get the HPass certification for the Higher Level International Standard as Learning Provider. It is of great value for the status and international accreditation of our students and fellows” said Marco Crescenzi, Social Change School’s President “The School is continuously in search of excellence and engaged in becoming more effective and rewarded, to give the best to its fellows worldwide”.

HPass represents the global standards for humanitarian learning and assessment providers. It aims to improve the quality of learning provision linked to humanitarian action and international cooperation, so to ensure that people have access to high-quality learning programmes that will allow them to better help communities who are vulnerable to or affected by crises.

After an international audit process, the School and its processes fully meet the standards, therefore the training services we provide also live up to the same international standards. 

Tirso Puig, Head of the Career Development Service, who was in charge to follow this whole process closely, commented:

 We are pleased with this outcome and with the path we had the chance to share that ultimately culminated with this important achievement, which is very useful to improve our students’ CV, Status, international accreditation and career path. We believe it is also good news for our NGOs partners, because this certification is clearly attesting the standard of our students’ recruitment and training. We are ready for the final confirmation, which we will get in the next months with the Quality review, together with the other organizations”.


Image source: HPass

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