Elisa: the best master to get the right skills

Elisa Butali, after taking her master diploma in project management, underlines the importance of this experience.

“The ASVI Social Change Master PMC-Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-projecting and Local Development  was an amazing human and professional experience. It allowed me to gain skills and come up to the world of the Third Sector even if I had never been part of it. I have a degree in a scientific discipline and my background was rather unconventional to work in this sector. The master gave me useful and well-advanced skills and knowledge and I could put them into practice with a training internship at the UNESCO Centre in Florence, arranged by ASVI Social Change staff.

What I really appreciated about the master is the innovative perspective. It tends to create a distance from the stereotypical image representing the Non Profit Sector as a simple supplier of services for needy people. I find it very challenging and sustainable to combine charity (usually intrinsic to every Non Profit project) with social innovation as well as with business-like situations allowing the projects sustainability and the growing autonomy of the beneficiaries.

The master also gave me the chance to know people of the sector and make new friends, a precious enrichment for my professional future and life.

The week-end lessons, together with the didactic material on the platform make the master accessible also for people (like me) who work or study. ASVI Social Change staff has always been available and has followed me during my educational and training path, both in classroom and with Skype interviews.

My experience of ASVI Social Change Master in PMC has been very important… I would definitely recommend it!”.

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