Alessio: thanks to the master I started my own business

Alessio Costa, graduated at ASVI Social Change master programme in Project Management in December 2015.

During the graduation ceremony he underlined the importance and quality of the programme. A special thanks went to the staff and lecturers who have always been there with their support. Being part of ASVI Social Change has been essential to gaining new skills and competences as well as starting his personal network of contacts within the sector.

Moreover, Alessio is grateful to having shared this year with his colleagues with whom it was a pleasure to collaborate on various projects. One of the most fascinating aspects of the master is to share the path with people of different ages and backgrounds and learning how to work together for the same objectives.

It was a very though and challenging year which brought deep changes in Alessio’s life. At the end of the master he opened his own business and he is now engaged in a number of different projects.

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