Workshop on Fundraising Forms and Techniques – The joy of donating

From the 25th to the 27th of May, Master FRAME in Fundraising Management in the NGOs Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, Social Media, Campaigns students were in Rome for the Workshop on FUNDRAISING FORMS AND TECHNIQUES, held at Polo Didattico.           

The first day was dedicated to Legacy Fundraising (presented by Giovanna Li Perni, Senior PSFR Associate – HNWIs & Legacy at UNHCR) and Corporate Fundraising (by Silvia Capotorto, Senior Partnerships & Innovation Manager at AIRC).
Workshop on Fundraising Forms and Techniques – The joy of donatingThe second day was completely focused on Individual Donors, with an intriguing full immersion with Giancarla Pancione, Marketing and Fundraising Director at Save The Children Italia.
On Sunday the 27th, fellows spent their morning with Lorenzo Catapano (Head of Digital Media at Save the Children Italia) to talk about Digital Fundraising and their afternoon with Veronica Manna (from ANT Italia Onlus Foundation) to delve into Community Fundraising.

Fellows have achieved important formative objectives, acquiring the main theoretical and practical schemes of the fundraising techniques:

  • Legacy Fundraising and its perception, markets and requirements;
  • Corporate Fundraising, fundraising with enterprises, a fascinating theme, which entails synergetic partnerships with for-profit companies;
  • The role of individual donors, from one-off donors to major donors;
  • Digital Fundraising and its close connection with communication; fundraising through online channels, social networks and crowdfunding;
  • Community Fundraising closes the circle and receives the influences of all the other techniques for the nurturing of a community, based on trust, for fundraising dedicated to specific community projects.

To learn the different types of fundraising even better, students were able to analyse some of the best campaigns of national and international NGOs, and put theory into practice during group laboratories.

Many tools, labs and analyses of “case studies” were held during the workshop. The professional experience of the lecturers who led the workshop was surely an added value that was really appreciated by our fellows of Master FRAME.

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