Field Experience with INTERSOS in Beirut for Master PMC

Field experience in Lebanon: PMC fellows working on local projects with Syrian refugees

Field Experience with INTERSOS in Beirut for Master PMCBetween the 23rd and 28th of September 2018, the students of our Master PMC – Master in Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development – December 2017 Edition, put what they had studied so far into practice with a field experience in Beirut – Lebanon. An extraordinary chance to visit the field and see from up close how INTERSOS works with local communities.

A new group of PMC fellows was welcomed by INTERSOS Lebanon staff and local stakeholders for a unique opportunity to work on local projects and give a real contribution, an added value to the students’ professional and personal growth. Students were led by Alessio Di Carlo, Master PMC Director, and Cinzia D’Intino, Head of Didactics and Master PMC Coordinator. 

Field Experience with INTERSOS in Beirut for Master PMC

The aim of the Field Experience was to carry out the impact evaluation of a project on Syrian refugees in the region of Mount Lebanon financed by UNHCR. The evaluation was conducted through two kinds of focus group discussions with the beneficiaries of the projects. Students were divided in two groups and organized and realized 6 visits on the field, where they met groups of Syrian families living in structures that were rehabilitated by INTERSOS and groups which INTERSOS supports with various activities through a community-based approach. Specifically, they met an LGBTI group and two groups of children (Kids Clubs). After collecting all the information from the beneficiaries, students focused on creating an evaluation report which they later presented to the staff of INTERSOS Lebanon, collecting from them feedbacks on their work.

Field Experience with INTERSOS in Beirut for Master PMCThe comment of Cinzia D’Intino, Didactics Director and previously Project Manager in Lebanon: “It has been an experience of great professional growth and emotional impact for our students. The fellows not only had the chance to see and apply on the field project management tools, but also to get in contact with a high-level organization like INTERSOS and to get inspiration for their future career. Being on the field for the first time is no easy task, but our students demonstrated that with the right attitude, commitment and good preparation you can not only reach satisfying results, but also perform like a professional”.

A special thank you goes to all those who committed and worked hard to make this unique field experience possible once again, which required a good amount of work, but allowed our fellows to give a real contribution to communities and experience what it is like to work on the field! Thank you and good luck!

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