Field Experience! Master HOPE at UNHRD headquarters in Brindisi

What does it mean to become a humanitarian operator, work on the field and coordinate a team project in difficult and challenging environments? How can you relate yourself with local partners, sponsors, institutional donors and all the stakeholders involved?

From 11th to 15th April, as guest at the UNHRD headquarters in Brindisi, students enrolled in HOPE – Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistic in the field – in cooperation with Intersos and Amref Health Africa – had the chance to focus on a field experience.

Paola Cocchi, HR Manager of Amref Italia, run the first two days of workshops regarding Human Resources Management in Emergency contexts, focusing on the intervention on main topics such as Key Professions of the sector and required competencies, the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework, the Employment Cycle and the most efficient methodologies of team coordination in situations of humanitarian interventions. Other aspects particularly relevant for those who operate in difficult environment – such as stress management, burnout, wellness and security as sides of the same coin – were also discussed.

From the speech of Paola Cocchi, it emerges the importance of Amref attendance to the opening days of the field simulation.

For Amref Health Africa the partnership with HOPE Master represents the opportunity to train and get in touch with students who want to acquire and improve the abilities and competences necessary to become a humanitarian operator. It is also the chance of giving them operational and theoretical tools to work in cooperation, combining motivation and required preparation”.

And also, “the humanitarian operator makes a professional choice, which involves the personal sphere too. The motivation to undertake this career path must be the basis on which build a strong professional preparation. Thanks to the simulation and the workshops held in Brindisi, Master HOPE gives the participant the necessary tools to experience and test themselves”.  



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