Master FRAME and NGOs professionals in Madrid: Fundraising Channels Workshop

Between the 22nd and the 25th of March, the cycle of workshops on FUNDRAISING CHANNELS: COMMUNICATION, CAMPAIGNING, LOBBYING, WEB MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA for Master FRAME – Fundraising Management in the Ngos, Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, Social Media, Campaigns, December 2017 Edition– was held in Madrid, at Social Change School’s Headquarters.

The workshops were led by brilliant lecturers and professionals: Filippo Ungaro, Director of Master FRAME & Director of Communications, Campaigning and Volunteers at Save the Children Italia; David Gracía Gil, Senior Marketing Manager & Digital Strategist,; Maria Butera, Third Sector Digital Consultant; Clara Ávila Cantos, Product designer, content strategist & digital marketer, Save the Children Spain; Luis Aguado, Engagement and Membership at, Fernando Morón Limón, Director of Asociación Española de Fundraising (AEFR).

The first day was dedicated to an introduction to “COMMUNICATION PLAN, PRESS OFFICE & PRESS RELEASE” given by Filippo Ungaro, the Director of the Master.  The students learnt how communication works in the third sector, the tools of the trade in External Communication and how to create the communication plan. The second part of the day was dedicated to Press Office and Press Release. Through practical exercises, they were able to create a Communication Plan based on their project works.


On the second day, the workshop “CAMPAIGNING, LOBBYING, ADVOCACY” was led by David Garcìa Gil, Senior Marketing Manager & Digital Strategist at  and dedicated to deepening the theme of how campaigning works and what being a campaigner means. They explored the strategy and management of a campaign and the definition of the objectives (SMART method) as well as time management and the organisation of team work. During the afternoon, the lecturer introduced digital activism platforms and focused on Lobbying & Advocacy. Fellows were able to put into practice all these knowledge through group exercises on campaign strategy. At the end of the day, Fernando Morón Limón, Director of Asociación Española de Fundraising (AEFR) joined the workshop as a representative of the organisation, Partner of Social Change School, and met the students for a Q&A session. 

The morning of the third day was spent on “DIGITAL MARKETING” with Maria Butera (Digital Consultant in Third Sector), exploring the possibilities of Marketing in WEB 2.0 scenarios: how online marketing differentiates from the traditional one. They looked at the opportunities for NGOs in this context, and how to set up a digital marketing plan: goals, tools, monitoring, the SEO and SEM techniques. In the afternoon, the focus shifted towards “SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT” with Clara Ávila Cantos (Product designer, content strategist & digital marketer at Save the Children España), looking at content marketing, inbound marketing and an explanation about how to create a content strategy. In both seminars, fellows had the opportunity to work on practical exercises about online strategic planning, what the user wants to know and the Basic Marketing persona template.


The fourth day, with Luis Aguado (Engagement and Membership at was dedicated to the workshop on “STORY TELLING”, in which students approached the principles and the “physiology” of story telling. They learned the main concepts of storytelling and they now know how to create a story with tools from the professional script and how to build a “story” with professional instruments. During the last practical exercise, they presented the “Story of self”, using the given tools and applying them to a personal story. It was a very emotional moment for everybody.

All the lecturers were very engaging, dynamic and empathetic with the students. They were able to transmit all the contents in a very energetic way. They also referred to their professional experiences in their own NGOs in order to help fellows understand how the Third Sector works at an international level.

The objective achieved in this series of workshops was to give the students a global competence in managing fundraising channels: starting from communication plan and passing through advocacy, social media and story telling.

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