Project Management in Difficult Contexts

Result-Based Management Manual – By Andrea Stroppiana

Designed with the aim of improving the capacity to effectively interact with development projects, mainly in the identification, formulation and monitoring phase, the Result-based Management Manual by Andrea Stroppiana is provided to PMC – Project Management for International Cooperation students to ensure they have an adequate knowledge when dealing with the preparation and management of projects.

In this book, “projects” are intended as “series of activities aimed at producing clearly specified objectives, in a determined period of time and with a specific budget” and “difficult contexts” are those in which the projects promoter is “far” from the beneficiary and those in which “the projects’ final beneficiaries are represented by the whole community”.

In the long run, this handbook has the ambition to improve the efficiency of projects written and carried out to achieve development.

Find out more about the author, Andrea Stroppiana, lecturer at Social Change School and about his long-lasting experience in the sector.

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