Master FRAME: Workshop on Fundraising Techniques -Teaching others the joy of donating

“ Fundraising is the art of teaching others the joy of donating ” this famous sentence by Henry Rosso, quoted during the lesson of Community Fundraising led by Veronica Manna, former student and now consultant of the Social Change School, closed the third day of workshop.

The weekend of 26th, 27th and 28th of May was very intense for the students of Social Change School’s FRAME- Master in FundRaising Management in the NGOs Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, Social Media, Campaigns. A weekend dedicated to the improvement of their technical knowledge and learning of new skills and tools on Fundraising Techniques.

Starting from Day 1, when students explored the world of Corporate Fundraising with Silvia Capotorto, Senior Account Partnerships & New Business at AIRC (Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro) and Legacy Fundraising with Giovanna Li Perni, Senior PSFR Associate – HNWIs&Legacy at UNHCR.

Continuing with Day 2, completely dedicated to Individual Donors, with a workshop lead by Giancarla Pancione, Head of Marketing department at Save The Children Italia.

And finally, with two more workshops about Digital Fundraising and Community Fundraising, respectively delivered by Marica Fachin, Digital Fundraising Manager at Greenpeace Italia and Veronica Manna, Fundraising & Communication Consultant at Non Profit Factory.

The students have achieved important formative objectives, they have, in fact, acquired the main theoretical and practical schemes of the fundraising techniques:

  • The “Legacy Fundraising”, very important theme, in strong growth in Italy as confirmed by Eurisko’s studies, it shows a 55% growth in the bequests for the non profit organisations over the past 4 years;
  • The “Corporate Fundraising”, fundraising with enterprises, a fascinating theme, and always in the centre of novelties respect to the Corporate Social  Responsibility (CSR);
  • The role of individual donors, from the one-off donor to the major donor;
  • The “Digital Fundraising” and the close bond with communication, fundraising through online channels, social networks and crowdfunding,
  • The “Community Fundraising” closes the circle and receives the influences of all the other techniques for the nurturing of a community, based on trust, for fundraising dedicated to specific community projects.

Our students had the chance to meet incredibly talented professionals and to learn by doing, whether by designing a collaboration project or building a digital storytelling or using the right tools for the different types of fundraising.


By Federico Atzori



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