HOPE students in Madrid for the Workshop “Working in Emergencies”

On the 15th and 16th of May, the students of HOPE- Master In Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistic in the field came to the Social Change School Office in Madrid, for taking part at the Workshop “WORKING IN EMERGENCIES”.

The first day of Workshop: “Introduction to Quality & Accountability – People management & leadership” was led by Elisa Paz and Elspeth Chapman, from the NGO Plan International.

The best tools and practices for dealing with complex and under pressure situations and for maintaining focus on objectives and self-efficacy, have been discusses, with insights into:

-Preparedness and problem solving in the humanitarian settings

-Stress management and security

-Management by objectives and planning

-Humanitarian resources and team work in the field 

During the morning of the second day, the two lecturers brought ahead the discussion on the “Performance management & effectiveness, personal safety, security & well-being” by putting the theory into practice with an interactive simulation of an emergency.

Finally, the second half of the day, was led by Alejandro Lopez Carresi, Director of CEDEM – Center for Disaster and Emergency Management, who focused on the “Legal Framework-Third Sector & NGOs”. The students had the chance to learn more about the General framework of humanitarian action and to look into more details at the political and cultural context and the underlying causes of humanitarian crisis.

Giulia Pizzuti, the Didactic Coordinator responsible for the Master HOPE, said that: “This first workshop, organised for HOPE students in Madrid, has been really interesting under many aspects. The students could meet and have contact with professionals from Spanish NGOs who work in the scope of Humanitarian Emergency Projects at an international level, moreover, they could share with the Social Change School Staff their comments and impressions on the topic discussed. Finally, the students appeared particularly satisfied especially because they have been able to listen to the professional experiences of the lecturers and because the lessons had been particularly interactive.”



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