Staff  Social Change School

Since the very beginning, Social Change School has demonstrated strong dedication to the pursuit of excellence, making sure that each member of the staff guarantees maximum quality of services to students and stakeholders, both institutional and non institutional. Quality signifies a strong connection between passion and competences to us.
The President, Scientific Committee,  Didactic Board, Master Directors and  External Advisors all contribute to Social Change School’s Mission. A network of ‘internal’ and ‘external’ professionals, who enable our school to offer a coherent didactic structure that address specific needs of the Third Sector, by predicting future scenarios, strengthening relations and partnerships with Organizations and Institutions.

We are keen on perpetuating the creation of Social Change and social transformation. All members of staff have differing educational  backgrounds (from International Cooperation to Education, from the For Profit Sector to the Non Profit Sector, from Fundraising to Social Marketing) and also different professional profiles (Managers, Project Managers, Trainers, Marketing and Communication experts) but we all believe in the same mission. We do not conform to recent political influencers like Berlusconi, Putin or Bush but we choose our inspiration from Gandhi and Mandela.

Our achievements:

1. We have trained some of the best managers and project managers in “social trans-formation” and social innovation and we have supported them throughout their professional careers. We were the first to carry out and spread the culture of “Social Innovation” in order to improve social impact of activities implemented by the Public Administration, in Italy.

2. We have had the courage to have a dream; we have developed the competences and skills to fulfil it. We have shared our experience with those who want to become “professional dreamers” or simply effective and efficient Non Profit professionals.


  • President

    Marco Crescenzi

    Marco is founder and President of the Social Change School and co-founder of Euclid Network, the Association of European Non Profit Managers...
  • International Director for the Americas

    Diego Battistessa

    Diego Battistessa has a degree in Peace Studies: International Cooperation and Conflict Transformation and is also specialized in Geopolitics...
  • Communication Coordinator | Community Manager | Innovation Officer

    Federico Atzori

    He was born in sunny Sardinia, in Cagliari, on 21 July 1990. He is rational and pragmatic, but he is also creative and loves experimenting....
  • Communication Officer

    Eloisa Armini

    Born in Rome, Eloisa has always tried to impact her environment and society in her own way, perceiving with sadness the injustice permeating...
  • Social Media Officer

    Sophia Crescenzi

    Sophia, born in 1995, is currently living and studying in Edinburgh whilst collaborating as Social Media Officer since 2015 in the Communication...

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