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Social Change School. The main training School for Non Profit Managers and Professionals in Europe                                                                               They say about us…

Social Change School is an international organization world leader in Non Profit management training. Madrid, London, Rome, Milan, Bangkok. Since 1997, the School has trained more than 1000 professionals, with 100.000 hours per year of quality education and an extremely high level of student’s occupation one year after their Diploma.

Fundraising Manager, Campaigner
Project-Programme Manager of International Cooperation
Humanitarian Manager in the Emergency - Field Coordinator, Project-Programme Manager


With activities and students from all over the world, the didactic method has allowed Social Change School to introduce the first Master Programmes on Non Profit themes, in Europe.
The Social Change School is an international non-profit and non-governmental institution active in ‘social transformation’ since 1997, based in Europe (London, Madrid, Milan, Rome) , dedicated to training non-profit managers of quality and social innovation.
Social Change School collaborates with NGOs, networks of students and citizens, Universities, Foundations, Banks and clean enterprises, National Institutions, Representative networks to promote:

  • the human, professional and managerial growth of thousands of professionals and organizations, through management training and scientific-editorial activities;
  • the public knowledge of the Non Profit professionals’ profiles (with ALMA LAUREA Universities, AIESEC, and the main media channels) and their official recognition (with ISFOL-Ministry of Labour);
  • the awareness of the role of the sector for social-economic development (with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and other governmental institutions) and through institutional building actions.


A Recruiting Bacin

The Social Change School is a reliable recruiting partner for important international Non Profit organizations who desire to recruit their top Professionals and Managers.
Our students work effectively in hundreds of international organizations like Greenpeace International, Save the Children, Oxfam, Action Aid, Libera, Intersos, MSF, Red Cross- in Europe, Africa, ASIA, South America. (http://www.socialchangeschool.org/en/alumni/jobs-map/)

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