Sustainable Development Frameworks “from within”

Sandro Calvani|Director Emeritus at the ASEAN Centre of Excellence on United Nations Millennium Development Goals (ARCMDG) |20 settembre 2016

The pursuit of happiness has been the global aspiration that has ignited and sustained human progress in the more than hundred thousand years of its existence. The sustainability and humanity of such progress are the conditions that made Homo sapiens the only survivor species among the other four species of humans, which have appeared on the planet.

The key nodes of recent human geneaology, such as growth, people, progress, environment, success, development, all are defined by a change paradigm.

All paradigms (or isms) tested so far in human history to accelerate change and make it universal and sustainable, such as colonialism, capitalism, socialism, communism, anarchism, nationalism, racism, terrorism, populism, etc., have shown their embedded significantly bad flaws.

The aspiration of humankind to grow with dignity and leaving no one behind requires a road map and a common path, where all people on Earth can cooperate to achieve common sustainable development goals. It is not a dream of philosophers or ethically inspired leaders. It is the only way that homo sapiens can guarantee its survival on the only planet we have.

An introductory lecture to the Social Change School masters courses presents such road map.


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