The world book of Love part 1

Sandro Calvani |3 september  2013

Two years ago a group of a hundred experts from all the continents of the world shared their knowledge on different aspects of the most wanted goal of humankind: Happiness.

The result was The World Book of Happiness, which became a global best seller and was translated in many languages. All the Heads of States and of Governments of the world received a copy as a gift of the European President. The book contributed to the global rethinking of appropriate indexes to measure the wellbeing of countries and peoples, in a time when the United Nations Millennium Development Goals were being re-designed to include a more integrated approach to good governance of rights, security and fight against poverty, through innovative approaches to social business, people participation in social innovation and policy making.

Leo Bormans, a former Minister of Education of Belgium and the main creative mind behind The World Book of Happiness then immediately started to put together a new global team to investigate the second most wanted goal of humankind “Love”. The sequel story was created with The World Book of Love , which has just been published in June 2013 in Dutch and French, while the English edition is being completed. The World Book of Love is the result of a unique global collaboration between 100 researchers from 50 countries who summarize in 1000 words their particular views on love.

The Dutch edition got literary reviews in Belgium and in the Netherlands like “all contributors are in love with love” and calling the work “pure scientific poetry”.

I am one of the hundred researchers who authored The World Book of Love. I was requested to look into some perspectives of globalization where the need of loving other peoples as much as our own is becoming strong and urgent.


To be continued …

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