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Humanitarian Administration, Finance and HRM Manager

The responsible for administration-finance and human resources (sometimes the two functions are separate) deals with the administration of human resources and the accounting aspects of the project. Has direct supervision of the administrative assistants and supports the Co-ordinator of the Project and the Logistician in questions regarding administration and human resources.


  • Supervision: supervision of the local operating staff
  •  Budget: management and drawing up the budget
  •  Reporting: making the financial reports
  •  Account Management: assures punctual, precise and reliable financial management of the project
  •  Funding: eventual search for funds around the area of the mission
  •  Banks: direct responsibility for relations with banks for example, management of opening and closing current accounts, transfer of funds etc.
  •  Cash Flow: ensures correct monthly cash management in relation to t he budget
  • Location: is responsible for the location of the project

HRM: is responsible for management policies and human resources defined by the co-ordination of the mission (administration of pay cheques, recruitment of new personnel according to the contract agreement of the mission co-ordination (administration of contracts, administration of pay cheques) of Recruitment and placement of new personnel according to the contract agreements.

  •  Presentation of financial statement and updating of protocols on the financial management of the mission

Pre-requisites for entry in the Master Programme:

Degree in economics, an experience in a humanitarian emergency context preferably in the position which the person is a candidate.

Preferential: English B2/C1, experience in positions of management and administration of human resources, an experience in a humanitarian emergency context.

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